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Facility Information

Welcome onboard the ropeway to the summit of Katsuragi mountain, a resort facility with a great panoramic view! Please enjoy an extra ordinary experience like nowhere else from the open terrace with a great view of Mt. Fuji.

Overview of facilities

Izu Panorama Park is a day use resort facility consists of the summit area with a terrace where you can take a great panoramic view from the summit of Katsuragi mountain, shop and restaurant area at the foot of the mountain, and the ropeway which connects the two areas.

Ao Terrace

  • jinja

  • “Ao Terrace” is the observation area consist of the observation deck equipped with a water basin, benches & sofas where you can use and relax freely. Looking at the great view under open air at the summit will become a blissful moment. Please enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sky, the sun, the ocean, and Mt. Fuji at “Ao Terrace”, with coffee, beer, and other favorite drinks in your hand. Katsuragi Shrine standing next to “Ao Terrace” is the origin of the name of the mountain. This historical shrine was established during the Heian period. (AD 794-1185)


  • ropeway

  • “The foot of the mountain and the summit is connected by the ropeway, with a length of 1,800 meters. While riding the gondola which goes up along the mountain side, please enjoy the scenery changing from the town of Izu Nagaoka, Mt. Fuji, and to the full view of Izunokuni City.
    【Open Hours】9:00~17:30(Winter Season 17:00)
    【Round Trip Fee】 Adults:2,500 JPY Child(6-12):1,400 JPY Infants (3-):900 JPY

Summit Area

  • Summit Area01
  • Summit Area02
  • Summit Area03
  • At the summit area, you can enjoy the foot bath with a great view of Mt. Fuji. The private gazebo area with a great view, the Modern- Japanese style café, and the athletic course is also located in this area.

Restaurant & Café, Shop Information

Trattoria Izu Paradiso


At “Trattoria Izu Pardiso”, located at the foot of the mountain area, we serve Italian dishes and hand-made pizza in a wide open area.Guests may come in with their pets at the terrace seats.
【Open Hours】11:00~15:00(L.O 14:00)

Katsuragi Saryou

Katsuragi Saryou

“Katsuragi Saryou” is located at Ao terrace, in the summit area. In this Modern-Japanese style café, guests are able to eat and drink Japanese style sweets, using matcha (powdered green tea), at the observation seats taking a nice view of the scenery.
【Open Hours】9:00~17:30 (Winter :17:00)

Katsuragi coffee

Katsuragi Coffee

“Katsuragi Coffee” is located at Ao terrace, in the summit area. The shop sells drip coffee, café latte, and other original non-alcoholic cocktail beverages.
【Open Hours】9:00~17:30 (Winter 17:00)

Blue Market!

Souvenir Shop “Blue Market!”

At the souvenir shop “Blue Market!” on the mountain foot, many items from all around Izu are selling in each corner. Please have a fun time shopping the items relating to Mt. Fuji, matcha (powdered green tea), and other various original items which you can buy nowhere else.
【Open Hours】9:00~18:00 (Winter : 17:30)

Enjoying the 4 seasons of Japan

Four seasons at Panorama Park01

At the summit area, different sceneries of Mt. Fuji, Suruga Bay, the trees, and flowers of each season welcomes our guests. Please enjoy the scenery changing at each season, from the colorful flowers of spring, the strength full green of summer, the trees coloring red and yellow in autumn, and the magnificent view of Mt. Fuji covered with snow under clear sky during winter.

  • Four seasons at Panorama Park

    【Autumn】Coloring trees at the board walk

  • Four seasons at Panorama Park

    【Spring】Cherry blossom and Mt. Fuji

Access MAP

Located in the middle of Izu Peninsula, Izu Panorama Park has good access by both train and car.

Access by car:
Exit Tomei Express Way(E1) Numazu IC, or Shin Tomei Express Way(E1A) Nagaizumi Numazu IC. Take Izu-Jukan Express Way (E70), exit Nagaoka IC. From Shimoda and Shuzenji, take Izu-Jukan Express Way (E70), exit Nagaoka IC. 1 minute drive from Nagaoka IC.

Access by train:
From Tokaido Shinkansen & JR Tokaido Line Mishima Station (CA02), take Izu Hakone Sunzu Line to Izu Nagaoka Station (IS09). Take the Izu Hakone Bus bound for Nagaoka Onsen, or for Izu Mito Sea Paradise, get off at Izunokuni City Hall (Izunokuni Shiyakusho-mae) bus stop. 1~2 minutes by foot from the bus stop.

“Izunokuni-shi Tourist Association”
We provide sightseeing information as well Izu no Kuni City sightseeing association.
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