About:Stunning Vista! Fujimi Terrace, located in Izuno Kuni Panorama Park, allows you to experience a magnificent view of Mount Fuji and Suruga Bay from the top of Katsuragi Mountain in Izu.
With the theme of “WA”, the Japanese style, Fujimi Terrace has a wide observation deck, a Premium Lounge, Sofa area and a Stone-clad area. There is also a Katsuragi Saryo café ,Katsuragi Café serving light snack and drinks.

Café-Katsuragi Saryo:“Katsuragi Saryo” offers you a relaxing time in a serene Japanese style interior. There are also two open wooden decks on the mountain side, where you feel like you are floating in the air. And you can see a different angle of Mount Fuji from each wooden deck. Try our specialties, such as original udon, sweets, and drinks that feature local ingredients.Open Hours:<Feb.16 - Oct.15>9:00AM - 5:00PM <Oct.16 - Feb.15>9:00AM - 4:30PM

“Katsuragi Coffee” has newly opened at Fujimi Terrace in the ropeway summit area .Enjoy  its specialties, such as coffee and original spareribs, in the comfortable space with the concept of “Japanese Modern”.

“Fujimi Terrace offers 6 reservable Premium Lounge. You can book a bed in advance and enjoy relaxing time and wonderful panoramic views of Mount Fuji and Suruga Bay.

Access & Info

Access & Info