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Panorama Park is to be found in mountains overlooking Mt Fuji.
It will provide you with a wonderful time,
and because it is right at the top of the Izu Peninsula (in the area called Izunokuni)
it is truly an ideal place to begin one’s exploration of the Izu itself.

Fujimi Terrace

Fujimi Terrace image

Fujimi Terrace

And of course at the top there is the Park itself: with terraces laid out in Japanese “open” style, where one can eat and drink and relax among seasonal flowers while taking in the view.There are any number of places to eat and drink.

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fujimiterrace image


ropeway image

Izunokunipanoramapark Ropeway

A quick and comfortable cable car ride of just 7 minutes covering 1.8 kilometres from the town of Nagaoka [Adults ¥1,600; children ¥800] goes up a height of 450 metres to give you not only a breathtaking view of Mt Fuji, but also the spectacular sight of Suruga Bay in between: and also wonderful views out over the Amagi and Hakone mountain ranges. During the ride, it even has views below of Izu-Nagaoka onsen town.

Sky Garden


Skygarden image

Sky Garden at the top not only has these seasonal flowers in abundance in its grounds but also provides such amenities as a hot-water foot bath and, for the younger ones, an unusual but fun-filled obstacle course.


syunsai Buffet image


Panorama Dining

Panorama Dining is located near the entrance to the Park and specializes in an “Izu Buffet” of local delicacies comprising some fifty different dishes: with lots of seafood -and the speciality dish ‘Fujinomiya yakisoba’ (or fried noodles).

katsuragi saryo image

katuragi saryo

Katsuragi Saryo

Katsuragi Saryo (or ‘Katsuragi Teahouse’), where you can relax in a Japanese-style interior, is quite informal and it prides itself on its udon and soba and local-style sweets: which can be taken at two outside-terraces.

Kiyosato Café image

Panorama Café

Panorama Café

Inside the Panorama Café at the entrance to the Park you will find Izunokuni’s beautiful ‘hanging’ dolls and can be served such casual foods as pasta and the famous Japanese-style curry. On the two upper floors of the Café one can find lots and lots of original crafts from local artists.


syunsai ichiba image

syunsai ichiba

Shun-sai Market

Izu Shun-sai Market located on the 1st and 2nd floor has varieties of local and original souvenirs. We welcome you to enjoy shopping in spacious atmosphere.

syunsai ichiba image

syunsai ichiba

Museum Shop Sky

Located at the top of the mountain, you can find unique and original goods of ‘FUJIMI TERRACE’ and fine handmade crafts by local artists.

Seasonal Events

Seasonal Events image

From the middle of April to early May, some 35,000 azalea literally paint the mountain top and during this time there is a Festival to celebrate the event.And, from the end of November to the beginning of December the mountain is ablaze with the reds and the yellows and the bronzes of the autumn maple-leaves: and which are spread out on either side during a stroll along a wooden walk-way that winds up to a viewing-platform.

Tourism Information around Izunokuni

By car:
From Shintoumei Nagaizumi Numazu IC, Tomei Expressway Numazu IC is approximately 20 minutes via Izu traversing way - Izu Chuo Expressway Nagaoka IC.
From Shuzenji Onsen is approximately 20 minutes via Shuzenji road.

By train:
From Izuhakone Railway Izu-Nagaoka Station by bus from "Izunokuni Shiyakusho-mae" of 15 minutes a 1-minute walk.Is going straight bus "Izunagaoka, Shuzenji Onsen liner" than JR Shinjuku Station; approximately two hours 15 minutes.


“Izunokuni-shi Tourist Association”

We provide sightseeing information as well Izu no Kuni City sightseeing association.



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